Our Vision

Now that you know that it's pure "raw" hair I must talk you why I pride myself on my hair line... I am a cosmetologist and an instructor of cosmetology as well so not only do I offer pure hair I also offer my expertise in the industry, I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 22+ years now. So I set myself apart because I know hair, do hair and now offer hair!!! The hair that I installed is 100% guaranteed by the k.Niccole brand... So you see its not a "come up" for me, it's me being aggravated with going online and purchasing hair for my guest only to find out that the hair was not quality hair.  I do an installation that is called a one year challenge which allows my client to wear an installation for up to a year and I was disappointed that most of the hair wasn't lasting as long as the installation. Then I noticed that when I was getting quality hair I was getting it from a vendor that wasn't a cosmetologist so I was feeling some type of way about that. I was putting my trust in a company that didn't have the license to do hair... So I decided to take control of my industry as much as I could... And here you have k.Niccole a virgin hair company!!! May God bless and enjoy!!!!

Our History

Thank you guys for taking the time to consider my hairline... It is my pleasure and honor to introduce k.Niccole a virgin hair company!!! There are a lot of companies out here that offer great quality hair so I'm not going to sell you on why my hair is better than anyone else because if researched properly "virgin" hair is "virgin" hair. But I will have you know that k.Niccole hair is pure Indian "raw" hair, straight from the "temple" , off of the donors head, sanitized and into my hands... Cuticles are all laying in the same direction, no chemical process at all has been done to the k.Niccole brand...once I receive the hair, I personally inspect each and every one of the pieces and prepare it for the owner... Preparation includes shampooing it with an Indian mixture and hanging it to air dry... I like my clients to see the hair air dried so they will know what the hair looks like in its natural state... And because I am a Christian and this business is God first I pray over each and every piece ensuring Gods blessing over it...